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Scytáles Derived Mobile ID

Scytáles Derived Mobile ID

NFC Card Authentication App

The Scytáles Derived Mobile ID is an NFC Card Authentication Application which derives credentials from Security Documents into Virtual IDs in a mobile device using NFC

Virtual alternative/complement to physical documents

The Scytáles Derived Mobile ID allows you to read, electronically sign and verify contactless derived data from a physical smartcard, with/without chip (i.e. Health card, Loyalty card, among others), using a mobile device and NFC technology towards terminals.


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Tap & Go

Each time you operate your Derived Mobile ID by tapping the NFC Card, the authentication mechanism is activated and it contacts an identity provider to access the System of Records remotely.

Ensure that the right person always has access to the right information at the right time and for the right reason

You can use your Scytáles Derived Mobile ID in your device (BOYD – Bring Your Own Device), or in a shared phone/tablet if the system is integrated into an organization infrastructure, for example, in a healthcare facility.

With this solution, your organization allows you to work conveniently and securely with sensitive information without having to use a computer and independently of where you are located, thus ensuring you have access to the information you need when you need it.

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