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Scytáles ISO mValidator Beta App Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

If you still have not downloaded the Scytáles ISO mValidator Beta app, you can do it here.


  1. ISO Mobile Validator (“mValidator”) is an electronic identification service provided by Scytáles. mValidator makes it possible for users to identify themselves and get their personal data validated. mValidator is an electronic ID document comparable to a passport or other physical identification document. The personal data within the frames of mValidator can be validated by certain third parties, “Validators”, that are licensed by Scytáles through validator agreements.

  2. This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) describes the type of personal data processed within the framework of mValidator.

  3. mValidator is issued by Scytáles. mValidator can also be issued by an Agent of Scytáles.

  4. Scytáles is a Data Information Processor and Personal Data Controller and is responsible for your data. Scytáles is processing your personal data within the framework of mValidator.

  5. Scytáles has the following company number and contact details:

  6. When you use mValidator other parties may be involved in processing your personal data. This Privacy Policy relates only to the processing done by Scytáles as Data Information Processor or Personal Data Controller.


  1. Scytáles maintains the register of issued mValidators, at the request of the Agent. Scytáles act as Personal Data Controller for this purpose only and the processing is undertaken in the interests of security.

  2. At the request of the Agent, we process the following personal data which you have given to the Agent or which we collect when you use mValidator. The personal data processed consists of your

    • Name and personal identification number;

    • Personal photograph.

    • The Agent which issued your mValidator;

    • The Validator that has performed the verification;

    • Technical data such as publication or use such as time, IP-address, version of mobile phone or computer;

    • Information that we can send notification messages to you via your mobile phone’s notification function.

    • Geographic location at the time you get your mValidator and at the time you use your mValidator.

  3. Your personal data is gathered when Scytáles or an Agent undertakes detailed physical identification of you and registers your data when you obtain mValidator. If an Agent issues your mValidator your personal data will be transferred to Scytáles.


  1. We process your personal data at the request of an Agent or a Validator and only for the purpose and in the manner described as follows in this paragraph.

    1. Supply of Services

      1. When you use mValidator for electronic identification by Validators, your personal data can be used to enable the identification.

      2. When you use mValidator the name of the Validator performing the identification is also processed.

    2. Improve mValidators
      At the request of the Agent and for Scytáles own use, Scytáles will use your data to produce, for example, aggregated and anonymous data to improve and develop mValidators.

Interested in what the mValidator can do for your company? Request a Business Demo.



Fill out the form to receive the app download link. With the Scytáles mValidator Beta app, you can validate a user in real-time, on-line or off-line, over the screen, attended or unattended.

In this Beta version, published for a limited test period, which is the first ISO-compliant Validator available in the market, you can:

  • Request different combinations of the available fields of the mDL/mID holder (e.g. Age verification fields-photo, age, expiration date) or all fields from the document;

  • Retrieve data from an ISO 18013-5 Validation Online service.

After you fill out the form you will receive an email on your inbox with a link to download the app. Just download it into our designated mobile device and you can start using it right away!

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