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Council and Parliament strike a deal on a European digital identity

European Union Flag

With a view to ensuring secure, trusted, and seamless access to cross-border public and private services in the EU, the Council presidency and European Parliament representatives reached a provisional political agreement on the core elements of a new framework for a European digital identity (eID).

The revised regulation constitutes a clear paradigm shift for digital identity in Europe aiming to ensure universal access for people and businesses to secure and trustworthy electronic identification and authentication by means of a personal digital wallet on a mobile phone.

Erik Slottner, Swedish minister for public administration
More and more people are using their identity and credentials in everyday contacts with public and private entities. A European digital identity wallet is therefore indispensable. This way, at least 80% of EU citizens should be able to use a digital ID solution to access key public services by 2030.

Erik Slottner, Swedish minister for public administration

Scytáles AB together with Netcompany-Intrasoft are proud contractors of the much-anticipated European Digital Identity Wallet. A European Digital Identity Wallet for all European citizens, residents and businesses, creating a digital identity landscape that will transform the daily lives of all EU citizens. Scytáles is the technology provider.

The Wallet will provide the benchmark for secure and transparent digital identification across the EU, ensuring at the same time the safety of the data that each citizen provides.


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