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Elevating Reader Authentication for Seamless Data Transfer

Scytáles Authenticated Readers ensures robust authentication of a diverse range of validators and Public Key Infrastructure management, enabling secure real-time, online and offline data transfers from holders' Digital Identity Wallets, Mobile IDs, and Mobile Driving Licences

Scytáles Authenticated Readers
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Level of Assurance High

The Scytáles Authenticated Readers allows you to authenticate your fleet of readers (i.e. Desktops, Terminals, Kiosks, Online Display Ordering Systems, among other form factors) with a high level of assurance for supporting holders´ Digital Identity Wallets, Mobile IDs and Mobile Driving Licences transfer of data in real-time, in online and offline modes.

Embrace the Power of SDKs for Ultimate Flexibility and Control

Experience the flexibility of our extensive SDK library, empowering your software solutions to evolve alongside your changing needs. Scytáles SDKs function as building blocks, allowing you to get only what you need when you need it.

Trusted Foundations for Relying Parties

Our product streamlines the maintenance of a trusted list and registration process, creating a secure foundation of trust for all Relying Partners. Access to this trusted list by Relying Parties is contingent upon agreements that align with the Issuer’s specific privacy practices.

Upon implementation, the holder will be presented with a digital seal, signifying the 'authenticated reader' status and ensuring privacy preservation.

Kiosk ID verification
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Universal Compatibility and Seamless Integration

The Scytáles Authenticated Readers solution is fully compatible with all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Furthermore, it can be seamlessly integrated into any infrastructure platform straightforwardly and cost-effectively.

Request your demo

We understand the importance of tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our team of experienced sales representatives is ready to provide you with a customized demonstration of our product. Take this opportunity to see firsthand how our innovative solutions can address your specific needs.

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