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Empowering Secure Identity: Building Value for Fintech and Beyond

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The challenges

Secure identification is crucial to help the customer as well as the financial institutions from fraud attempts. The financial sector has experienced rapid digitization in the last decade, leading to an increase in identity fraud. Combating identity fraud in the digital age requires organizations to implement the most secure and reliable identity verification processes.

Our approach

Scytáles' commitment to the highest level of secure identity transactions while providing active user privacy protection; brings value creation for individuals and institutions.

Why choose Scytáles

Scytáles is the global leader in issuing Mobile IDs, deriving high-level assurance of data from Security Documents as per Passports, Resident Permits, and Nationals eIDs covering over 130 countries globally as a complement to Security Printed Documents for doing online business in real-time over the Web and related Web Services in the FinTech Area. In practice, it means that every time a user accesses a bank portal or system over the web, the highest level of assurance (Passport Level) is validated. On the latter, the user complies with full privacy and consent following GDPR and Privacy Data Acts.

Phone Case

Request your demo

We understand the importance of tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our team of experienced sales representatives is ready to provide you with a customized demonstration of our product. Take this opportunity to see firsthand how our innovative solutions can address your specific needs.

Related products

Discover our range of related products that complement your secure mobile and digital identification experience. We offer cutting-edge solutions to enhance identity security and streamline digital interactions. From high-level assurance apps to trustworthy onboarding tools, our curated collection ensures you have everything you need to safeguard personal information and digital identity. 

Scytáles mDL/mID


Scytáles ISO mValidator mobile app

ISO mValidator

Scytáles Derived mID mobile app

Derived mID

Scytáles Digital ID Wallet

Digital ID Wallet

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