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Scytáles Digital Identity Wallet

Scytáles Digital Identity Wallet

Your identity documents stored safely on your smartphone and officially recognized

Scytáles Digital Identity Wallet solution fully supports the European Digital Identity framework and the EU Digital ID Wallet

A digital safe that will enable citizens to store their identity papers and other personal documents coupled with a digital identity service that is recognized by all EU Member States. The two key stipulations: trust and interoperability. Within this digital safe, the citizen can upload, store, and use their personal data such as their driving license, a diploma, bank card, or medical prescription.  


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Scytáles’ Digital Identity Wallet offers

  • digital inclusion of your official physical credentials and documents

  • a trusted and interoperable solution for identification and authentication services

  • compliance with the highest security standards (eIDAS, NIST, ICAO 9303, ISO 18013-5)

  • trustworthy digital identification and verification schemes towards data sovereignty

Citizens will have control of their data

The new European Digital Identity Wallets will enable all Europeans to access services online without having to use private identification methods or unnecessarily sharing personal data. With this solution, they will have full control of the data they share.

Every person eligible for a national ID card has the right to have a digital identity that is recognized anywhere in the EU and a simple and safe way to control how much information you want to share with services that require sharing of information.

With the Scytáles Digital Identity Wallet, user privacy and user control built on the principle of user consent is assured and the user is able to:

  • identify online and offline

  • store and share information provided by governments e.g. name, surname, date of birth, nationality

  • store and share the information provided by trusted private sources

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Making things easier for citizens and businesses

With the adoption of a Digital Identity Wallet cross-border activities and transactions are facilitated while improving detection and prevention of fraud attempts. A robust, secure and user-friendly digital identity and verification that is interoperable at a European level will simplify for businesses to expand across borders and reduce on-boarding time and costs on your business.

According to the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation, a business in Europe usually takes on average six to seven weeks to verify the identity of potential partners or clients. The Scytáles Digital Identity Wallet enables businesses to onboard clients in as little time as what takes them to log in on a mobile device. On the businesses' end, a digital identification solution can be used to boost operational efficiency by creating new, faster and more secure ways of sharing information.

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Scytáles is the global leader in the 18013-5 standardization work for mobile driving license, the only vendor that has passed all international interoperability tests and is ready with a fully standardized, tested and certified mobile ID solution. Scytáles runs the first ISO-compliant mobile ID pilot in the world, in the state of Utah, USA, together with its partner GET Group NA.

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