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Inspect and verify ePassports, National eIDs, and others

The Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents is delivered as an ICAO 9303 eDocument Reader that uses NFC, photo/MRZ/OCR scan and facial recognition and can be part of any Android/iOS application, fully programmable and customizable UI and UX and includes a CSCA validation service.

Man at the airport ready to go through passport control with Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents
Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents
Girl with suitcase at airport ready to have passport checked by Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents

Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents

Machine-readable travel documents (MRTD) are intended to provide a more secure, interoperable, and privacy-centric option to those who rely on validating them. Scytáles is proud to offer its Mobile Validator for ICAO 9303 compliant ePassports, National eID Cards and Resident Permits.  We can also provide an easy-to-integrate option to work with a back-end system (i.e. System of Records) for digital onboarding. Scytáles’ Mobile Validator for Travel Documents supports Android and iOS applications and is designed with the user in mind.

The Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents can be used to automate and simplify the completion of forms with data from the document, facilitating compliance with know-your-customer (KYC) processes by extracting/enrolling citizen data such as Photo, Name, Validity, Date of Birth, Document Number, Nationality, Gender while validating the information into a back-end platform system.

Download the mValidator for Travel Documents app

Unlock the power of document validation with our ISO mValidator for Travel Documents mobile app. Download now and effortlessly verify ICAO 9303-compliant travel documents. Put our advanced authentication features to the test and experience hassle-free verification. Reach out to our team for inquiries or to schedule a personalized demo.

How does the Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents work?

The Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents uses a number of different validation methods to ensure that the document being read can be trusted and that the holder is bound to the document. The validation methods can be done through NFC, photo scanning/imaging of the MRZ/OCR or barcode, and one-to-one (1:1) facial recognition. The Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents can also extract data to be used and manage the data for functions such as enrollment into other applications. Integration into other applications is straightforward; there is a fully programmable and customizable user interface, user experience, and an ability to function with a Country signing certificate authority validation service.

Lady at airport

What is the ICAO 9303?

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the global authority for passport standards and provides guidance on mandatory and optional specifications for travel document issuing authorities. The 9303 standard aims to ensure that MRTDs and their means of personalization and issuance to the rightful holders are secure against fraudulent attack. The historic increase in the number of people travelling and the expected continued growth when the COVID-19 crisis abates, together with the growth in international crime, terrorism and illegal immigration, have led to increasing concerns over the trustworthiness of travel documents and calls for an ability to leverage technology to validate them and their holders.

Delivered as an ICAO 9303 eDocument Reader, the Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents allows for the use of a mobile device to easily and quickly verify official e-documents, like a compliant ePassport, eID card, visa, and resident permit, among others, utilizing near field communication (NFC) and/or the machine-readable zone through optical character recognition (MRZ/OCR).

By simply using the mobile device camera and NFC, the Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents reads the MRZ, the integrated circuit chips, and barcode data to validate a variety of travel documents automatically on your device. It is a fast, reliable, and secure application with offline processing, which means the data never leaves the device.

How can the Scytáles Mobile Validator for Travel Documents be delivered?

On-Premises (“On-prem” or “traditional business model”)

In this model, we offer a turn-key solution that includes the hardware-servers-infrastructure, the right to use the related software applications (Scytáles product portfolio and Service Manager), installation, project management, training, support and maintenance. The customer owns and manages hardware-servers-infrastructure, smartphone units and devices during the contract period. The system is deployed by Scytáles and is managed by the customer. The software applications are licensed during the contract period to the customer. Scytáles offers service, support and upgrades on the software applications (new software versions and new functionality).

On-Cloud, offering a Cloud-Based Model (“SaaS”- Software as a Service)

In this model, the customer is offered, as per the traditional business model, operations of the system. Still, the software applications are used on a subscription basis during the contract period. The customer buys a license for use and for the requested functionality.

Managed Service

In this model, Scytáles offers a full-service commitment, 365/24/7, which applies around the clock, combining the traditional business model and SaaS. This covers software subscriptions, daily operations at customer premises, data systems, surveillance, hardware service and much more. Here, the software is owned by Scytáles, which offers a license to use the software applications during the contract period while Scytáles manages the systems, servers, and other infrastructure.

Stand-alone (“SDK/Core API”)

Lastly, Scytáles offers all its products as stand-alone (“SDK/Core API”) on a subscription basis to be integrated into an Identity Provider, Issuing Authority and/or Trusted Provider. Customer-driven professional services are also provided upon need or for advanced training.    

Embrace the Power of SDKs for Ultimate Flexibility and Control

Experience the flexibility of our extensive SDK library, empowering your software solutions to evolve alongside your changing needs. Scytáles SDKs function as building blocks, allowing you to get only what you need when you need it.

Mobile Validator for Travel Documents key features

Support for 1:1 Facial Recognition

Fully Supported on Android 6 and newer

Fully Supported on iOS 13 or newer (for iPhones with NFC readers)

NFC communication (NFC end-to-end)

Android Secure KeyStore Supported (Secure Element Enabled)

Anti-Cloning based on Google SafetyNet API Android safe environment and on proven technology

Tested on over 1,000 Android devices on Android 6 and newer versions

On-device computations only, no need for a network connection

Security & Privacy: all your personal data remains on your device

High performance with high accuracy

Fully automatic processing

Working with a live video stream or saved images

Different scenarios for required functionality

Portrait and landscape modes support for better camera experience

Request your demo

We understand the importance of tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our team of experienced sales representatives is ready to provide you with a customized demonstration of our product. Take this opportunity to see firsthand how our innovative solutions can address your specific needs.

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