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Enable Seamless Communication Between Issuers and mDL/mID/Wallets Providers

Scytáles Credential Service Provider (CSP) provides a unique and trusted service between the issuer's users and mDL/mID/Wallets providers, in practice a direct contact between External Registration Authority and CSP.

Scytáles CSP
ID verification in a delivery

Enhancing Trust and Connectivity

The core goal of the Credential Service Provider (CSP) is the establishment of TRUST between Issuing Authorities and Relying Parties. Just like the security features of a physical credential supports its trustworthiness, a Relying Party requires the means to be assured of the authenticity and provenance of a digital identity document. The CSP will only maintain public keys for the issuing authorities. The current approach is for in-person (over the counter) and online (over the web) use cases only where the credential needs to be verified.

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Scytáles CSP Features and Capabilities

Decentralized Issuers

It is expected that there are thousands of decentralized issuers. Each of them needs to collect and store the issued key material as part of a master list, which, in essence, is the centralization of the CSP.

Regional and Bilateral Agreements

Regional and bilateral agreements imply the manual exchange of each issuance with another party. While this may be feasible for smaller parties, it is not feasible for a magnitude of thousands of issuers.

High Availability

The setup is database driven, meaning three nodes are required to enable high availability. The setup uses a NoSQL database.


  • Implementation of data security at risk for the NoSQL database

  • Two-factor authentication for login

  • Proxy server to secure communication between endpoints

  • Deployment of SSL endpoints

  • Provision of a client to secure communication between the mDL/mID/Wallets repository and the client

  • Load balancing solution to provide availability

  • Storage of private keys within a FIPS-140-2 Level 3 secured device

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