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Transforming Transportation: Secure Credentials and Mobile Solutions for Users and Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles using Scytáles solutions

The challenges

Manufacturers' and Consumers' expectations for security, connectivity, sustainability and convenience, as well as several EU regulations, are rapidly driving the Automotive and Mobility evolution toward Connected Vehicles. These solutions are a web-based fleet management software suite that provides all your vehicle and driver information in one place. A connected vehicle connects via IoT to the internet and collects and shares data with other connected devices and systems.

Our approach

To issue identities (Card/Mobile ID Wallet, enabling the highest level of Security in online and offline modes and in real-time, to verify and digitally sign:

  • All produced ECUs and diagnostic tools

  • All employees and diagnostic tools within the company, its suppliers, customers and affiliated companies

  • All workstations and their employees and diagnostic tools

  • All produced goods (trucks, buses, etc.)

Why choose Scytáles

We are compliant with Regulations/Standards by UN/EU - eIDAS, NIST, ETSI, PIV, and EU/UNECE Standards. Therefore our customers will be independent of deviations and upcoming changes in National Security Laws and Regulations within your own Factories and Workshops Globally.


The service will be enabled-ready to run for future verifications of Connected Goods, Electrical Charging, Autonomous, and V2X.

Phone Case

Request your demo

We understand the importance of tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our team of experienced sales representatives is ready to provide you with a customized demonstration of our product. Take this opportunity to see firsthand how our innovative solutions can address your specific needs.

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Scytáles mDL/mID


Scytáles ISO mValidator mobile app

ISO mValidator

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Derived mID

Scytáles Digital ID Wallet

Digital ID Wallet

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