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Mobile Validator: Streamlined Validation for Mobile Identities and Driving Licences

The Scytáles ISO Mobile Validator allows you to validate all Digital ID Wallets, Mobile Identities and Mobile Driving Licences compliant with ISO 18013-5

Policeman using Scytáles Mobile Validator
Scytáles Mobile Validator app
Airport ID control

Instant Validation and Authentication

The Scytáles ISO Mobile Validator allows the relying parties to inspect and verify Digital ID Wallets (multi-documents), a single Mobile ID or a Mobile Driving Licence for instant validation and authentication with the identity provider. It verifies the full credentials of the holder or selective data such as age-check, address and other credentials to the holder. It works in both online and offline modes with an interoperability module. The data is read in the same way from all issuing authorities, identity providers and trust centers through a trusted list.

Download the ISO mValidator app

Validate with confidence using our ISO mValidator mobile app. Download now and effortlessly verify any ISO 18013-5 compliant documents. Put our powerful validation capabilities to the test and explore a new level of document authentication. Reach out to our team for questions or to schedule a personalized demo. Experience seamless and reliable verification today.

mValidator Features and Capabilities

The Validator is enhanced with an automated process that can be performed on a wide variety of devices, from sophisticated e-gates, desktops, and workstation terminals reading the ISO QR code and standard NFC and Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets.

The Mobile Validator is able to do in-person validation over the counter for an ISO mDL/mID Registration, and registration can also be done over a Video Call Screen (Skype, Zoom or equivalent). The holder does not have to pick up the driving licence or passport on-site or via registered mail but can instead download it in seconds via screen, and the issuing authority and the holder save both time and money.

The Validator reads all driving license privileges in the ISO mDL and ISO mDL/mID QR codes on Apple Watch, with Siri activation and face recognition.

Policeman verifying a driver mobile driving licence using Scytáles Mobile Validator

Embrace the Power of SDKs for Ultimate Flexibility and Control

Experience the flexibility of our extensive SDK library, empowering your software solutions to evolve alongside your changing needs. Scytáles SDKs function as building blocks, allowing you to get only what you need when you need it.

Scytáles Mobile Validator on Apple Watch

mValidator Integrations

Scytáles is offering its customers and partners the product as a core engine that can be integrated directly with various trusted relying partners' interfaces and readers (e.g. Desko, Famoco, Zebra, Tablets, Coppernic, Datalogic).

Contact one of our experts to find out how the mValidator can be integrated with your business workflows.

Request your demo

We understand the importance of tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our team of experienced sales representatives is ready to provide you with a customized demonstration of our product. Take this opportunity to see firsthand how our innovative solutions can address your specific needs.

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