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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Seamless Access to Patient Information

Doctor talking with patient while using Scytáles solutions

The challenges

Changing demands on medical care and innovations such as telemedicine means more patients will have access to remote healthcare services. Patient privacy and strict security measures are fundamental for home-based healthcare when health professionals need to access patients' electronic health records.

Our approach

With Scytáles’ Derived Mobile ID NFC card eIDAS signing solution, health professionals can easily access a patient's electronic health records securely and efficiently by tapping their ID card on NFC-enabled mobile devices (Health Mobile ID). The NFC app (Health Mobile ID) uses level 4 digital certificates to ensure secure authentication and safe handling of sensitive patient information.

The introduction of a Health mobile ID as a complement to existing physical Health Card ID allows health professionals to access sensitive patient information 24/7 in the hospital and remotely when out on patient home visits while guaranteeing the highest security and safeguarding the user.

Why choose Scytáles

Health Authorities already use Scytáles Derived Mobile ID, enabling authorized medical staff to access patient information regardless of device and without depending on a physical smart card reader.

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Request your demo

We understand the importance of tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our team of experienced sales representatives is ready to provide you with a customized demonstration of our product. Take this opportunity to see firsthand how our innovative solutions can address your specific needs.

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