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A global pandemic and its widespread effect over the course of the last year, the likes of which hasn’t been experienced in anyone’s lifetime, has changed so much of how we live, work, and approach the identity management (IDM) tasks of a 2021 environment. And while for us an unimaginable situation to find ourselves in, the past points towards an inevitable transformation that will now happen in our world…completely unstoppable. Technology is the guide that will usher us through this change. Pop in and join us as we discuss and explore the ever-emerging world of electronic identity and how it is reshaping how the world transacts around the need for both in-person and remote identification.



What to Expect

Succinct and relevant discussions on and around the world of electronic identity - completely transparent, completely blunt, and without a net.

Thought leadership from around the world

Digital identity challenges and opportunities

Multi-viewpoints across stakeholders


SCY Sessions


Founder of the Future Identity Council

Discussion on “Filling the gaps and making connections within the ever-growing digital identity universe“


from Universidad de Murcia

Discussion on how the OLYMPUS project is shaping the European ID management framework


from AAMVA

Discussion on the membership’s mDL efforts (PKD) and showcase AAMVA’s new educational video on mDL


Public interest technologist

Discussion on traversing the “Choppy Water” of vaccination credentials

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About the SCY Studios

People have always tried to predict what the future might look like, the guests and thought leaders that will be showcased here on SCY Studios will be sharing their views and opinions on the challenges and opportunities that those of us that work around identity will have to traverse. These subject matter experts will share how they see a future marketplace and the moves that should be made by those most entrenched in the work of IDM and what a better future might just end up being. You, whether you know it or not, are impacted by these very relevant conversations and won’t want to miss them – subscribe and share to our channel and our mutual destination…Secure Credentials for You.