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Seamless Integration and Security for Mobile Credentials and Services

Enable seamless integration, metadata access, and access control for enhanced mobile identity solutions with the Scytáles Service Manager.

Scytáles Service Manager
Lady using Scytáles Service Manager

Empowering Secure Communication and Access Control

The Scytáles Service Manager provides the primary interface, and it is enabled ready to the outside world, allowing the Scytáles Mobile Validator access to other metadata associated with the Scytáles Mobile Driving Licence, Mobile ID, Derived Mobile ID and Digital Identity Wallet. The Service Manager is also responsible for access control, ensuring only authorized personnel are permitted access. The Service Manager can be integrated with a standalone PKI Solution or a Trusted Service Provider/CSP.

Embrace the Power of SDKs for Ultimate Flexibility and Control

Experience the flexibility of our extensive SDK library, empowering your software solutions to evolve alongside your changing needs. Scytáles SDKs function as building blocks, allowing you to get only what you need when you need it.

Scytáles Service Manager Features and Capabilities

Signing Service & Key Management

Signs mDLs, mIDs, Derived mIDs and Digital Identity Wallets on behalf of the Issuer to relay them to Consumer devices.

Easy and Secure Integration

Secure API Connections that keep data up-to-date, if desired, to/from the System of Record, a civil register from issuing authorities or Trusted Identity Providers/CSP (Level 3 Assurance).

High Availability for Mobile Identity Documents Issuance

The Service Manager can issue all digital identity documents on your mobile. It is designed for high availability of at least 99.99%.

Identity & Access Management

The Service Manager also provides registration and authentication features for Validators who need access to online services.

Complete Supply Chain with High-Level Security Mechanisms

The Scytáles Service Manager secures the complete supply chain, with the highest level of onboarding and different reading mechanisms OIDC (Web-PC, Local PC and Peer-to-Peer) in real-time in online and offline modes.

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