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Scytáles Mobile Vaccination Passport

Scytáles Mobile Vaccination Passport

& Validation Service based on an International Reading Standard

The Scytáles Mobile Vaccination Passport meets the requirements of a Digital Green Pass – it combines COVID-19 test results and proof of vaccination with the same level of security as an official ID document, where the data is derived from an official Health Association into the mobile application.

Securely validate proof of vaccination

The Scytáles Vaccination Passport & Validation Service based on an international standard combine COVID-19 test results and proof of vaccination with strict GDPR compliance and ISO 18013-5 interoperability. Functions and processes are GDPR compliant insofar that upon sharing the proof of vaccination, consent needs to be given by the citizen. GDPR compliance protects the citizen from unauthorized usage, and the application is supported by a PIN Code and a Biometric Validation.


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Interoperable validation service

Airline and Border Control officers can read the Mobile Vaccination Passport using Scytáles interoperable validation service (validator) that is compliant with the ISO 18013-5 international standard and based on several proven standards for reading QR Code and NFC.

GDPR compliant, no vendor lock-in and always available

The three main axes around which a Digital Green Pass must be built, all of which are already in place with the current ISO 18013-5, and all of which the Scytáles solution meets.

Privacy & Anonymization

Respect for GDPR rules and even greater restrictions to ensure full protection of personal data and grant only the absolutely necessary information by citizens to the respective control mechanism in a fully insured environment, and for the minimum time needed.



The absolute need to be able to use it from all Member States and from all over the world which can only be guaranteed by the ISO Organization certification, in our case ISO-18013-5.


Offline Function

The ability to validate effectively, while perfectly protecting personal data, in an environment where there is no internet connection or any other type of connection.

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