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Driver license becomes a digital document

Mobile ISO mDL/mID
The article was included in a supplement at the daily business newspaper "Dagens Industri/Tjanstebilen/Mediaplanet" 25 March 2019. Author: Ylva Sjönell

Our ID documents are about to be digitalised and transferred into the mobile. First out is the digital driver license that will be introduced in 2020 as a new service.

The Swedish company Scytáles, together with its American partner GET Group, will carry out an ISO 18013 standardisation of the digital driver license during the second quarter of 2020.

"This is about making identification easier, much safer and more efficient, as well as having access to background data in real time. At a passport or driver license check, you bring out your mobile for verification via a terminal and your identity is secured in real time", explains Konstantin Papaxanthis, CEO of Scytáles AB.

There are many advantages with the digital ID document, both for the individual and for the society. For example, the driver license can be checked digitally in the car, and if the license is withdrawn/not valid, you cannot start the car.

This also makes it much more difficult, not to say impossible, to highjack a car and mow down people on a pedestrian street when the driver's identity must correspond with the person who is authorised to drive the vehicle.

Effective and easy

Since digital technology will handle the verification of the information, including the photo, this will go much faster than today's manual controls in for example a traffic or passport control.

The transfer of information takes place in real time and only at short distances (NFC) or via Bluetooth when the mobile unit is logged into a verification system that requests the information. Everything takes place in a fraction of a second. However, the system requires that the information, just like now, is stored in a secure manner by the responsible authority.

Digital ID documents are also of great socio-economic interest, not the least in the third world where many lack physical documents that can prove their identity.

1.4 billion lack physical documents, which makes it more difficult for them in contacts with banks, etc., so a digital driver license will help them a lot.

Interest in new technology is great around the world. Above all, the US, Finland and the Netherlands are far ahead, as is Sweden. The world market today consists of 2.5 billion driver license holders.

We are world-leading and very proud that we are driving the development and the standardisation of the techno-logy. We are convinced that this is the future way of identifying yourself.


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