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Health Professionals with contactless access to patient records

Doctor using a mobile phone

Health professionals can easily access a patient's electronic health records securely and efficiently by tapping their ID card on NFC-enabled mobile devices.

Täby, Sweden, Oslo, Norway (June 30, 2020) - Accessing Electronic Health Records (EHR) at hospitals and health care centers is possible through a native application installed on hospital owned and managed tablets/mobiles or even on the professionals' mobile phones. Nurses, home nurses and doctors need a free from contamination, hassle-free and efficient way of accessing patient information regardless of device and without depending on a physical smart card reader.

The new NFC app, developed by Scytáles, a Swedish global leader in Mobile Identification solutions, together with Commfides, a Norwegian Certification Authority, uses level 4 digital certificates to ensure secure authentication and safe handling of sensitive patient information.

By adopting the new NFC app, Health care systems and Hospitals will be able to assure a contactless approach that will protect Healthcare professionals and Frontline Administrators from contracting and spreading infection. Ultimately, the new solution provides faster diagnostics, better care and increases patients' access to the healthcare provider.

"The introduction of an NFC mobile ID as a complement to existing NFC smart cards will allow health professionals to access sensitive patient information 24/7 in the hospital and remotely when out on patient home visits while guaranteeing highest security and safeguarding the user. This will not only save time but also save lives", says, Kjell Olav Skogen, CEO of Commfides Norge AS.

"This is a solution that introduces additional administrative efficiency as well as safety measures reducing unnecessary exposure and health risks, especially during these COVID-19 circumstances. Scytáles is developing a native NFC Mobile ID App for mobile devices and tablets for remote accessing to health platforms. Scytáles and Commfides see an increasing need of these contactless solutions for health regions. Our enabled ready API is easily integrated with the major EHRs. This is our journey to offering an NFC-Factory to the health market together with our partners", states Konstantin Papaxanthis, CEO of Scytáles AB.

Scytáles AB is the leader in ISO 18013-5 compliant Mobile Driving Licences (mDL/mID), Derived Mobile IDs, both complements to Security Printed Documents and validation mechanisms. Together with its Norwegian partner Commfides Norge AS, a Certification Authority issuing digital certificates, the companies jointly and together with partners will offer Identity and Access Management solutions and adjacent services to health providers.

Scytáles logo

About Scytáles AB

Scytáles is breaking new ground in ISO-compliant Mobile Driving Licences, Mobile IDs and Derived Mobile IDs as a complement to Security Printing Documents and Validation mechanisms. Scytáles AB represents Sweden as an expert through the Standardization Body (SIS) SIS/TK 448 and Task Force 14 on mDL within ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG10.

Scytáles lays the foundation for a comprehensive lineup of online digital services as well as enabling high-security printed documents, and banknotes to go digital and mobile. Scytáles acts as a hub between the supply chain and the end-user/customer to maintain the life cycle information. Scytáles has developed a unique and secure technology platform to be used by Billions of users. We enable going mobile and validating in real-time in online and offline modes, by standardization and using NFC, Bluetooth, QR Codes, Wifi Aware, PDF417 and other technologies as per defined in ICAO 9303 and ISO 18013.

Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and has offices in the US, Greece and Portugal.

PR Contact:

Anna Seddigh

VP, Chief Communications Office & Co-Founder

Mobile: +46 70 988 60 48

Commfides logo

About Commfides Norge AS

Commfides Norge AS is a trusted service provider issuing qualified certificates and eSeals for digital signatures. We are certified according to eIDAS CA/QC, QCert for ESign and Qcert for ESeal. We integrate issuance of our wide range of eID’s to access management and business processes to provide secure digital solutions to our clients. The newly launched Digital Onboarding process enabling fully digitized enrollment of new customers and employees transfer our customers traditional, manual and resource demanding business process to a fully automated and secure digital process. Regardless of whether you need a single e-ID, eSeal, web certificate, or realization of a major digitizing project, explore our product and solutions to see how we can contribute at The solutions are many, the common component is quality.

PR Contact:

Kjell Olav Skogen


Mobile: +47 90 15 92 35


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