ID document stakeholders call for digital identity standards

Updated: May 6, 2020

Dr Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Professor at University of Piraeus (Greece) & Chief Technical Advisor at Scytáles AB (Sweden), presenting "Mobile ID for All: Interoperability and Privacy Preservation as Key Success Factors" at Digital Document Security Conference 2019

The first Digital Document Security Conference has wrapped up with a call for international standards to safeguard new digital ID technologies’ security. Delegates said that the tipping point between physical and digital identity systems has been passed, but expressed concern about the security of digital systems.

Stakeholders from global government banknote, ID issuing and enforcement agencies gathered in Berlin for the event, including Google, Veridos, and Scytáles. The conference was organised by Reconnaissance International, and grew out of the Optical Document Security conference.

Scytáles recently demonstrated a mobile driver’s licence system based on the ISO 18013-5 standard in development along with GET Group North America.

Delegates are calling for standards to govern the characteristics, security, and interoperability of digital driving licenses, other ID documents, and bank and credit card data stored on smartphones and other digital devices.

Conference co-chairman Dr. Alan Hodgson notes that “trust takes a long time to build and no time to destroy.” His co-chairman, Ian Lancaster, noted that the transition to digital IDs shifts power from issuers to members of the public, who own and operate the devices the systems work on.

This article was originally published at Biometric Update, on May 24, 2019.


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