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iOS NFC for Mobile ID and Mobile Driver License transactions fully supported by Scytáles AB

Scytáles ISO mDL/mID app

Scytáles Mobile ID and Mobile Driver License (Scytáles mID/mDL) First to Support ISO 18013-5 Compliant NFC Identity Transactions for Retail on both iOS and Android Devices

Scytáles AB and its global partner GET Group North America (GET Group NA), announce that Scytáles mID/mDL Solution and GET Mobile ID™ for iOS can now support near-field communication (NFC) for identity transactions at Point of Sale (POS), airports, and even kiosks. Scytáles mID/mDL and GET Mobile ID for Android already support NFC identity transactions.

Scytáles AB and GET Group NA, are the first to extend the new ISO 18013-5 standard so that iOS devices can also use NFC for data transmission. It also enables NFC tap followed by either local or online data transfer, all under citizen control.

“Tap and Identify is a new game-changer in security controls. The expansion of supported NFC-based devices for Identification control, with Apple iOS already available, significantly strengthens Mobile Identity further dissemination”, says Dr Vangelis Sakkopoulos, Chief Architect and Chief Technology Advisor at Scytáles AB. “We are also very proud to be leading the development of the technology by working as an expert on the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG10 (ISO 18013-5), through the Swedish Standardisation Body (SIS)”.

ISO 18013-5, which is expected to be published later this year, is the international standard that specifies the technical and interoperable requirements for mobile driving licenses (mDL).

Scytáles AB and GET Group NA are ready to enable ISO 18013-5 compliant identity transactions between both iOS and Android devices and POS terminals already in use today for payments. This coverage will broaden the possibilities for retail, payment and ID verification use cases of mIDs/mDLs, such as:

  • Age-based purchases where both age-verification and payment information can be transmitted in the same tap of a mobile device;

  • “Tap & Go” identity transactions at retail, banks, postal, stadiums, federal buildings, airports, etc.;

  • Electronic identity and address verification for check cashing.

Visit Scytáles AB´s recently launched mobile ID resources section to learn more about ISO 18013-5 and the future of mIDs/mDLs.

Both Scytáles AB and GET Group NA are innovative developers of mobile ID technology with over 30 years of experience in identity management and mobile security.



Scytáles is continuously breaking new ground by developing and offering Mobile Driving Licenses, Mobile IDs and Derived Mobile IDs as a complement to Security Printed Documents and Validation mechanisms.

Scytáles issues and personalises the software into smartphones and handhelds devices, as well as back-end systems, along with validation mechanisms via our software platform, which can be cloud-based or stand-alone deployed at our customers/partners premises. The company is working in the areas of travel documents, resident permits, driving licenses, healthcare cards, corporate cards, smart- & loyalty cards, among others within the governmental & enterprise area.

Through handheld and hardware devices, customers and partners are offered the opportunity to perform operations “online” but also in “offline” modes with communication protocols as NFC, BTLE, Wifi Aware, QR, Barcodes, PDF417, HTTP/S etc for making Authentication, Traceability and Connectivity via customer and partner interfaces as well as access digitally stored information (Big Data/Data Exchange Services).

Among the products offered to the market today, are the Scytáles Mobile Driving License/Mobile ID (mDL/mID), the Scytáles Derived Mobile ID, the Scytáles Mobile Validator and the Scytáles Service Manager.

The Scytáles mDL/mID is based on the ISO 18013 Part 5 compliancy and latest revisions. The company is standardising its products and representing Sweden as an expert through the Standardisation Body (SIS) and Task Force 14 on mDL within ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG10. Scytáles has worked towards the mDL standardisation since 2015 where Scytáles and our partner company GET Group NA are participating as members.


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