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Scytáles ISO mDL/mID app with new advanced features

Person using Scytáles ISO mDL/mID app

The new version of the Scytáles ISO mDL/mID app is now available with improved and additional features, like Siri and Apple Watch support.

We at Scytáles are focused on offering the best experience for our users and are continuously improving our products. As requested by many of our users, we have improved our iPhone NFC Reader experience, now working fully with Siri and Apple Watch. You may now request Siri to show your mDL/mID on your Apple Watch and present it to a Validator in a contactless way without having to handle your phone.

In this new version of the Scytáles ISO mDL/mID app, we also included the support for WiFi Aware, One-Click Sharing and Scan-Once Verification. We also upgraded features already developed, like the support for Facial Recognition and Face ID, the integration with EJBCA and the support of OpenID Connect.

New features of the Scytáles ISO mDL/mID app v.3.5

  • ISO 18013-5 DIS Full Compliance

  • WiFi Aware

  • One-Click Sharing (Pre-Authorization)

  • Scan-Once Verification (Pre-Authorization)

  • Support for Facial Recognition in iOS Validator

Feature upgrades of the Scytáles ISO mDL/mID app v.3.5

  • Support for integration with EJBCA

  • Support for the issuance of mobile IDs for security printed documents

  • iPhone NFC Reader

  • PIN protection / Fingerprint / Face ID

  • Privacy Protection

  • Age Verification

  • GDPR Compliance

  • OpenID Connect Support

The Scytáles ISO mDL/mID provides high assurance identity on a user’s mobile device. It represents a convenient, secure and instant alternative to traditional physical identification documents, and utilizes formidable data encryption algorithms and communication security measures to combat fraud and reduce identity theft and the consequences thereof.

Scytáles ISO mDL/mID and validation products ensure full interoperability and are passing the various ISO 18013-5 tests.

Digital ID Frontrunner

Scytáles is a frontrunner in the ISO international standardization work that is under development— ISO/IEC 18013-5, “Personal Identification – ISO-Compliant Driving Licence – Part 5: Mobile Driving Licence Application”.

The standard will specify the technical and interoperability requirements for mDLs and expand mobile identity use cases around the world. We are fully compliant with this standard as per today.

Interoperability, enforced by the ISO 18013-5, is one of the key factors in opting for and achieving a functioning mDL ecosystem.


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